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The Jamaican born Actor/Comedian, Marvin Morgan caught the artistic bug when he picked up his first DSL camera in 2010. After years of perfecting his photography skills and establishing his photography brand within Ontario- the aspiring actor decided to take a step from behind the camera and try his luck at improv comedic skits in front of the lens. What started out as a "just for fun" skit on the newly buzzing platform of YouTube in 2012, has now grown into a 70k+ cult following of his Senior Gum Boy channel. With only 100+ videos that showcase Afro-Caribbean lifestyle and cultural satire- Marvin has propelled his Senior Gum Boy online brand to an international audience, truly exposing the Caribbean lifestyle- culture and solidifying himself as a viral YouTube personality.

Audience members have come to know the many characters created under the Senior Gum Boy brand such as, Officer Nuh Chat an off kilter security guard who doesn't quite enforce the law but instead makes up his own, Shelly Ann a yellow-banged, feisty Jamaican single woman who has terrible luck with male suitors- both characters whom Marvin has developed based on the different cultural nuances known specifically to the Caribbean in music, style, slang, dress and lifestyle.

With the introduction of video to Instagram, it was only natural for Senior Gum Boy to bring his comedic talents to the world of Instagram. Weekly comedic lifestyle skits boasting of original material, written and performed by Marvin, feature guest collaborations with YouTube personalities, such as Ron Dias, Prnc Charming and comedian Trixx.  

Marvin is a graduate of Columbia College's, "Comedy Studies- Improv Techniques I" course, offered by The Second City (Toronto), which has played a big factor in his ability to create and develop the concepts for his characters spontaneously. Using those attained skills, 2016 has proved to be a year of new territories in which Marvin has rightfully entered.

Marvin has transitioned into stand-up comedy, making his stand-up debut in February 2016. He has also transitioned into the world of on-screen acting through his role of Steve in the Los Angeles Web Series Festival nominated (Best Drama Series), "Friends With Benefits". Lastly, Marvin has been getting his feet wet by hosting various entertainment events within Canada and the U.S, utilizing his quick-witted improvisation skills and humorous personality which his live audiences truly enjoy.

Marvin is currently in the process of writing his very first stage play, which will contain some of his famous Senior Gum Boy characters.

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